Dear Blog,

Three days in a row!!!

You must be about to go into shock 😀

So as I predicted, Actual Christopher was a jerk.

*Myself and Jenny are discussing my really weird dream from the night before. Actual Christopher struts –yes struts- into the office kitchen*

Me: …so then the penguin says…

Actual Christopher: So hope you guys managed to keep everything running while I was gone.

Me: Eh first of all, conversation here *gesturing between myself and Jenny* and second of all, everything ran AMAZINGLY without you around to irritate everyone.

Actual Christopher: *laughs* I’m sensing some professional jealousy here.

Me: What?

Actual Christopher: Oh cmon, everyone in the office wanted the New York job. Extra pay, great accommodation, great parties and I even got a tan.

Jenny: Yeah well that was pretty miraculous considering it was cloudy and humid and raining the entire time you were there.

Me: *sniggers* Yeah I’m seeing some streak marks in that ‘tan’, Chris…you want me to lend you my bottle?

Actual Christopher: So it’s looking obvious who’s going to be the next one up for a promotion.

Me: Get over yourself.

Actual Christopher: The New York launch was the most important one in the schedule and they sent me.

Jenny: Only because it was a car and they wanted a guy to do the Guy Talk.

Actual Christopher: You keep telling yourselves that

And then he walked off with that irritating “I’m amazing” expression on his face.

There was nothing around to smush into his face at the time…