Dear Blog,

Sorry for the depressive nature of my last post.

I sat down to start typing and then it hit me that I’d nothing to write and it made me a little sad…where had all my crazy adventures gone?

I’ve come to terms with being a loser now though, so it’s all good!

What I neglected to tell you in the last post was that work has been MENTAL this last few months, which has resulted in me doing ten to twelve hour days! *score!* Basically our company landed a few new clients who all had major projects getting underway so my workload doubled!

I spent a lot of time going between here (Dublin) and London and even had to spend three weeks there last month to organise two launches. That might sound great but there was no extra pay and my company didn’t see any need to reward me with a nice hotel room and so I stayed in a hovel located in the beautiful East End. I took about twenty showers the day I came back *shudders*

Hermia was ECSTATIC when she heard I was going, thinking I could do some lovely cheap shopping for her and was then heartbroken when I had to admit I’d have NO time at all. I did manage to weasel a few hours to visit Camden market during on of the days and bought her a tea dress, so she’s happy now!

This should be my first normal week in work with the campaigns winding down so woohoo! Although, Actual Christopher is due back tomorrow after being sent to deal with the NEW YORK launch, so Lord knows we’ll have to deal with his insufferable self-praise and general arsehole-ish-ness….

…maybe I’ll smush something in his face…

Peace Out,