Dear Blog,

So it’s been a while….a few months…well four months….

*silence….some non-chalant whistling*

Well this is….awkward, I mean, nice…nice….I meant nice.

Hermia’s survey turned up a few demands for me to update this blog, so in wanting to please her readers in every possible way, she threatened to burn and maim my stuff asked if I’d try and get back into blogging.

So here I am.

Remember when I started this blog and I was in a Life Slump? And I’d decided I was going to make my life more interesting and document it?

Well I’m still in the Life Slump.

Which is awesome.

Turns out that just deciding you’re going to turn your life around isn’t really enough.

I guess I imagined a Bridget-Jones-Esque result if I started documenting my life and trying new things.

But it didn’t happen.

So I guess my funk has kept me away from here.

It’s bad enough knowing your life isn’t super awesome without seeing the lameness written down on paper/blog.

This probably isn’t the epic return you were all waiting for.

*twiddles thumbs*