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Dear Blog,

So I’ve left you hanging since the housewarming, which I can admit was a party worthy of an American soap opera, it was that unbelievably dramatic.

Initially I didn’t write because it was Christmas and I was busy eating.

And then it was because I didn’t have a whole lot to report, and unlike Hermia, I don’t post every little thought that comes into my head! πŸ˜›

And then, well I guess I was feeling a little unloved…. *collective awwwwhhhhh*

I felt I was boring the poor people to peek into my blog diary. There were only a few comments (this did quite a lot of harm to my delicate ego) and even an accusation that everything was made up to get a book deal.

And so I contemplated abandoning my little blog.

Until a few loyal followers contacted me during the week to demand an entry. And sure, if even one person is interested in reading about my life, then it’s worth writing about!

So, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I completely made up that mini conversation with Actual Christopher because NOTHING has changed in work! He’s just as obnoxious as ever….even if he’d increased his attitude I’d think he was doing it to overcompensate for his moment of weakness! But no change. The Monday after the party our conversation went like this:

*Actual Christopher ignores Charlotte for the first six hours of the day, with the exception of rolling his eyes whenever he overheard her saying something*

*Cue Charlotte and Jenny chatting in the lunchroom. Actual Christopher is reading the New York Times like a big spaz in the corner*

Charlotte: Does it count as drinking coffee when I have half the cup filled with milk and three sugars in there?

Jenny: Hey, whatever makes you happy!

Actual Christopher: And fat.

Charlotte: Excuse me?

Actual Christopher: That much sugar has to go somewhere!

*Exit Christopher*

True story.

On the other hand, Hot Boy Next Door has been plaguing me with calls and texts, which is making him decidely less Hot.

Olivia thought I should give him a chance though.

So did Tim.

I did not.

So Tim stole my phone, while he and Olivia sat on me, and he told Hot Boy Next Door that I would attend his gig next Thursday. And go for drinks after.

So I have a date *sigh*

I wonder what I should wear….dressy? casual? dressy casual?