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So the housewarming is tonight and thankfully, I can report that the worst part of the organisation is over: I have my dress!

Isn’t it pretty!

Simple, perfect colour, nice cut, sophisticated, yet flashes enough of my legs to be inticing!

Not that I’m planning on inticing anyone.

I’m just making a point.

Oh and work people are coming ….woo.

Actually, I’m changing that to a sincere woo, because some of my work peeps are decent.

But that’s not why I invited them.

No, no, it was guilt-inspired.

Bumped into Jenny and Alan (AKA: New Office Boy who’s not actually new anymore) during my lunchbreak yesterday, at which point I was carrying Aldi bags stuffed with Tropial Punch ingrediants (Wine, vodka, knock-off Malibu, more wine, assortment of juice, more vodka …basically anything that was on sale!!!) and a variety of crisp multipacks and dip. So after the awkward “So weekly grocery shopping then, yeah?” jokes, I was forced to admit I was having a housewarming and then super-enthusiastically invited them to come to end that awkward moment where I feel like they feel rejected and they feel awkward cos they might be rejected and are now forcing a pity invite.

People can be so tiring sometimes.

But at least I didn’t have to invite Actual Christopher (that jerk).

But wooo party!