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Hello Blog (and random people who read about my life),

As I said (although maybe I just said it in my head), the last couple of months living with Tim and Olivia have been frickin’ sweet!

Yes we trip over each other and yes we fight for the TV and yes I’m going to kick ass in my milk is touched again, but they’re all small teeny tiny prices to pay and on the large scale of things, living with two great ACTUAL friends more than makes up for small annoyances.

We’re throwing an incredibly belated housewarming on Friday night.

Guess who’s not invited….


Guess who is…..

……Hot Boy Next Door.


And it wasn’t me who invited him, before you start staring accusingly at me: it was Olivia.

She bumped into him on Monday in town and recognising her from coming in and out of my apartment, he stopped and asked about my whereabouts. She, being Olivia, got incredibly worried and nervous about talking to him, fearing she was somehow betraying me seeing as I had applied huffy ignorance of him since he went out with my EX-best friend, and so indulged in some lovely babbling, mentioning that we were having the housewarming.

And he said it would be nice to catch up with me and left that awkward silent pause in the air…..

…until she cracked like a dried-out twig and said “Oh well you should come…..”

In all honest, I can’t possibly be mad at her because she’s Olivia and she never does anything mean to anyone and I genuinely know how she babbles uncontrollably in awkward situations. However, this does put an exceedingly large amount of pressure on moi.

I have to look very impressive and incredibly lofty and unattainable and non-carish when he arrives.

I need a new dress…